Bio & Mission

After having won the first Mister World, Tom Nuyens kept feeling an emptiness inside despite his world success. He still felt an underlying feeling of unworthiness even though on the outside he painted a golden layer of success.

Tom started questioning everything, since we all are brought up with the belief that being successful will solve all of our issues and will make us feel completely fulfilled, but he experienced himself the illusion of this belief.

He learned everything about psychology and philosophy and still couldn’t find the answer to the question, were TRUE fulfilment, where we all are looking for, is to be found. After many more years of searching, without finding, his patience became richly rewarded.
He found were true and lasting fulfilment is to be found and how to experience our vibrant aliveness and deep smile once we have dis-covered it.

Together with acquiring the photography and film skills from the best photographers and film makers worldwide, when he stands in front of the camera, together with his new lens through which he has dis-covered the beauty of the world, Tom became an international photographer and inspirational film maker.

Tom survived a life threatening disease when he was eight. Tom became very grateful for having had a second chance of living. Health became his wealth. He learned and questioned everything about advertised and conventional health and nutrition and found that most of the claims are not even true and sometimes even provide us with the opposite outcome what they make us belief. He found through his own experience, we can even reverse ageing and even genetic diseases. He managed to reverse his metabolic age (physical age) to measure 16 years younger than his actual calendar age. He does this by becoming ‘natural’ again in every sense of the world.

His mission is to pay forward how to dis-cover your own lasting fulfilment, aliveness and deep smile again.
Tom wants to help you to dis-cover your unique talents and gifts you are born for to give to the world.
And he wants to help you reset your body to your most healthy and vibrant state as the fundamental base for the abundant life you are designed for.

After more than 10 years of coaching the same steps, one on one with heart touching results, his mission expanded to help as much people as possible.
He created a step-by-step program how to experience it for yourself, through video-experiences and a corresponding checklist book.
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