Bio & Mission

Nothing is what is seems…

Most of my life I spend my time, money and energy in trying to build a shiny mask of pretending,
to cover up my low self esteem, fears, pains,….
My low self esteem was being built after being laughed at for my joints being thicker than my limbs and for having acne when I was 12.

At the age of 18 I created world succes, after having won the first Mister Belgium and the first Mister World contest.
I have traveled the most exclusive locations (Seychelles, India, Sri Lanka, South-Korea, China, Hong-Kong, Europe, Afrika, Canada, etc.), stayed in the most exclusive hotels, flown to my job with a private jet, lived in Miami, Lived in New-York.

Although my package and accomplishments may seem appealing on the outside after having created world success,
on the inside I was still screaming.

Even after having created world success and having every status symbol that is considered to be strong & successful, on the inside I was still that scared, insecure, empty kid with very low self esteem. Success on the surface gives only a short shot of satisfaction and distraction, like drugs does. Because I still had the same fears, unsolved pains, restlessness, addictions to distractions and dis-eases, like I had before on the inside. I was still locked up, only underneath a different, maybe more appealing layer.
So I couldn’t actually enjoy the success to the fullest as the cherry on top of the cake,
because the sauer layer (fear, pain,restlessness…) of the cake was always tasted.

After a break down after not even have found peace or liberation after created world succes,
after having made a 180° turn towards my inner issues,
after having been struggling to find a way to solve them from the very root,
after having found a way how we all can get rid of that sauer layer from the very root,
it became my mission to help people to discover their true liberated selfs,
free from every sauer layer from the very root up
until their is only sweetness to be tasted, both from the cake and from the extra cherries.

It is my mission to prevent people from searching (outside) for freedom,
without ever going to find it.

It is my mission to help you discover your freedom and creativity,
your authentic purpose and how to unleash that into reality,
from the very inside out.
I see so many courses on the internet about how to get rich or how to paint that golden layer.
Trying to paint a golden layer on top of our unsolved cake with a sauer layer,
will never let you taste the sweetness of life to the fullest.

After having survived a life threatening disease, I know how precious time is,
I want to help you to have yourself dis-covered and un-leashed before the end of your life.

We are conditioned to believe that hunting for success is the purpose of life.
But living with a heavy backpack still on or with a cover in front of our eyes, while hunting for success is only existing, but not really living to the fullest.
But I have experienced myself, that that hunt outside of ourselves with fear and stress,
is just a distraction of our inner unsolved issues and only postpones the free and abundant life that comes to us naturally,
once we have dis-covered our true authentic self.

Only after I have un-covered myself I came in contact with an infinite amount of creativity,
that I couldn’t imagine being possible, when I still was covered up.
Only after getting rid of my cover, I started seeing crystal clear what I wanted to do with my life.
Undoing yourself from excess issues, even if you might not even be aware of them fully, will feel like if you are born again. Not only that, success will follow naturally once you are reconnected with your authentic liberated creativity and nature. It resulted for me in creating film Productions, Photo productions, Creative Communication Design for clients like Bentley, Porsche, Hackett London, Bridgestone, RiverWoods, Shiseido, Jaeger-Le-Coultre…

Since 2006 I coached one on one to help dis-cover and un-leash themselves and how to bring their transportation system called ‘body’ in its most healthy, strongest, natural state.

It is my mission, to help you to experience your freedom and creativity too, your authentic heartbeat or life to the fullest. I want to help you experience natural abundance, from within your own dis-covered authentic purpose and creativity, but than without the limitations and the struggle.

Click here for my 4 free theoretical videos about how to dis-cover yourself
from the root of all fear, pain, addictions, dependency, restlessness and dis-eases,
so you can actually create and enjoy your authentic cherries on top of your sweet cake.