Winner First Mister World (Bio)

Winner of the First Mister World Contest

Winner of the first Mister Belgian Contest (BGLMC) &
Winner of the first Mister World Contest Tom Nuyens

But nothing is what it seems

I have traveled the most exclusive locations (Seychelles, India, Sri Lanka, South-Korea, China, Hong-Kong, Europe, Afrika, Canada, etc.), stayed in the most exclusive hotels, flown to my job with a private jet, lived in Miami, Lived in New-York. I won the first Mister Belgium Contest and won the first Misiter World Contest, but…

the journey I want to take you on with me is by far the greatest journey I have ever made.
I wish it serves you in the same way.

When I was eight years old I got the life threatening disease called Meningitis. Since that day my life became different that most of the kids I grew up with.
I was very grateful that I got a second chance of living, it made me look a things very differently. For example I could stare at a drop of water gliding of a leave while it was raining and be amazed by the beauty of it.

It made me feel different, than my fellow classmates who were preoccupied with way other things. I felt alone most of the time, even though I had friends.
I don’t know if you ever have the feeling of feeling alone…? While feeling alone and because of having become in close contact with the end of my life, I started asking myself questions,…questions that you normally only ask yourself when you are old and looking back at your life.

I asked myself, if this would have been the end, did I have truly lived already to the fullest and what does that even mean? Did I truly have loved already and what does that even mean? And did I truly have mattered already?

Of course I didn’t even know what those questions meant and I certainly couldn’t answer them affirmatively, but I was committed to find out. Through school, the media, our parents, our friends, we are brought up to believe that in order to live to the fullest that we have to create succes.

So I was determined to hunt for succes, but my hunt for succes didn’t start very successful.

When I was 12 a grew very fast, so fast that my joints became thicker than my limbs. One day a kids at school asked me if I could stand on my hands. Not being aware of why they were asking, but happy that they gave me attention, I took the effort to stand on my hands. I managed to do so, but because of the fact that I was soo skinny, my trousers rose down, so my limbs became visible. Only when the kids started laughing at me and yelling at me, that my legs looked like sticks, I realised it was their intention in the first place.

Since than kids laughed at me, even thought I tried to hide it as much as possible for example by wearing different layers of clothing.
Until one day, sitting on the bus to school, a kid came over to me, and pointed at a second trousers sticking out underneath my trousers, so they laughed at me again.

I don’t know if you ever have or had the feeling that you don’t fit in or that people laughing at you…?
But being laughed at doesn’t feel really successful or doesn’t give the feeling of living to the fullest.

From that point, I had to come with another idea to mask the fact that I was skinny.

I learned everything about fitness and nutrition and started working out.
I read somewhere that if you drink a lot of water that you will loose weight.
So I ate a lot of proteins and carbs to build muscle, but without drinking enough with it.

It resulted in a face covered with acne.

Again people started laughing at me, not anymore for being too skinny, but now for having dropped my spoon in the tomato soup.

To make a long story short, a few years later I was looking for a vacation job and a friend of mine suggested me to do some modelling work.
Because I had very low self esteem, I denied the suggestion. But when that same friend came up with a newspaper article where a modelling agency was helping to scout for the first Mister Belgium contest, he convinced me to blend in with many other contestants instead of going to a modelling agency on my own.

Completely unexpected I was selected among the 20 finalists, so my dad, who didn’t know what I was doing, saw me the next day in the newspaper.
Completely surreal I became the winner, so I had to go and represent Belgium a few months later at the First ever Mister World Contest in Istanbul, London.


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